BTCBullDOG Whitepaper

BSC Token Tax


  • 4% BTC rewards for all holders
  • 4% BitDog Reflection for all holders
  • 2% Marketing and development
  • 2% Automatically added to LP

BTC Rewards

We designed our Smart Contract to reward all of our holders with 4% BTC rewards and 4% Bitdog reflections from every transaction made. So, Investors will have to hold our token and receive passive income. We created the contract with an intelligent distributor that will sell for Rewards only when it reaches a threshold, so it cannot be manipulated.
Once the contract sells, it will send the BNB to our distributor and will be held there until investors start claiming using our Dashboard. When holders start claiming their rewards and reflections, the Distributor will buy BTC (Binance Pegged Bitcoin) and BitDog Tokens, triggering an army of buybacks on our chart. How clever is that?

Auto Liquidity

We have implemented this function in our contract to prevent increased volatility when investors pull out of the project. In addition, this will help us to stabilize faster and find a price floor.

Marketing and Development

Our project is only at the start of the journey. These funds will help the project grow and keep developing groundbreaking technology. We will use it for strategic marketing, future development, buybacks, and burns.